About Vienzo






About Vienzo

VIENZO is a high-end custom design studio engaged in the manufacture of hand forged iron elements for residential and commercial applications. Our specialities include chandeliers, sconces, architectural hardware, gates, firescreens, andirons and home furnishings to name a few. Our design capabilities are vast. We sell to the trade and private individuals who are seeking unique products not found elsewhere. Our products are never mass-produced and are usually one-off creations designed exclusively for your project. Our style of forging and finishing are in keeping with old world methods, thus making our products look and feel “aged.”

We also have an extraordinary showroom and architectural salvage yard encompassing over 25,000 square feet, filled with iron and natural stone products, unmatched in quality and design. This is the place to find new and salvaged items including european limestone fountains, fireplace mantels, garden statuary, marble columns, sinks, iron gates, chandeliers, 300 year old roof tiles, wooden beams, furnishings and unique items. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.


'Architectural Salvage' Italy - 1800's